Welcome to the Teach First network! We want to get Ambassadors together to socialise, learn from each other, and of course continue working towards the Teach First Mission, and this is where it all starts: sign up here to get the latest updates delivered to your inbox each month. Contact TFCivilServiceAmbassadors@gmail.com with questions or suggestions.
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In future, we'd like to share details of TF ambassadors across government. This would allow you to find others working in your department, or join up with ambassadors in other areas. Please indicate if you are happy to share your details in this way.
If you think your work is relevant to addressing educational disadvantage and are happy to be contacted by other ambassadors working in related areas, please give details of what you do here.
For example, if you work in Croydon, enter London for the question above, and type 'Croydon' here.
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